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Commend at a glance

Your project depends on high-quality communication and exceptional speech quality? With Commend you have found the perfect partner to ensure a brilliant result.

Large pharmaceutical manufacturers, airports, security and correctional facilities, public transport, banks and insurance providers – they all rely on products and system solutions by Commend for a smooth-running business around the clock.

See for yourself – explore the world of Commend – a world of possibilities.

From synergy to system integration

Apart from the high quality standards, the ability of our products and services into existing solutions is also quite unique. For you this means a whole range of possibilities: interfacing with telephone, radio and ELA equipment, for example; or creating interfaces to building management systems; even controlling door/shutter/gates or integrating CCTV systems. Whatever your plans, Commend has the solution to turn them into reality.

Know-how: the essential ingredient of quality

Based on decades of experience in security and communication, Commend has gained a wealth of know-how in the development and production of Intercom systems, and in their wide range of applications. Whatever you need – a basic standard system or tailored solution, control desk arrangement or emergency call system, or a control system for doors, gates or lifts – Commend provides enhanced security and excellent speech quality where it counts.

Technologies – from proven classics to the latest generation

When it comes to transmitting speech, image or data signals, Commend has a lot of different media and technologies to choose from. Ranging from 'classic' analogue to state-of-the-art digital wiring and KAT technology, our options are flexible enough to adapt our solutions to your specific needs and wants. Where the networking of our servers is concerned, we can offer all common technologies, such as ISDN or IP.


Facts and figures

  • Offices in Vienna and Salzburg
  • Subsidiaries: Commend Slovakia
    and Commend Adria
  • Serving 8 markets in Southeastern
    and Eastern Europe