High Security Areas

Intercom in high security areas and detention facilities


Intercom 2.0 Solution

Control of high-security facility equipment
(security doors, airlocks, alarms, etc.)

Flexible facility management
with control room concepts  for security section monitoring; central control station with graphic user interface for easy control and instant response in emergency situations. Integrated admission control/monitoring and access rights management for staff and visitors.

Controlled communication in sensitive areas
(high-security areas, detention cells, etc.)

Extended Intercom functionalities
Mobile phone detection, integrated radio reception for wall-mounted Intercom stations (e.g. for in-cell radio reception); comprehensive video/CCTV monitoring support.

Secure staff and visitor communication

Secure Intercom networking
with smooth integration of telecommunication technologies (UMTS, Blackberry): helps to reduce installation requirements (no need for extra systems).