University Campuses

Intercom on university campuses.


Intercom 2.0 Solution

Reliable, well-co-ordinated staff communication across offices

Office Intercom platform
with desktop and wall-mount call stations relayed to a central control desk and powered by proven Commend Intercom Server technology; full feature support for intelligent call transfer/patching, notification, conference calls, etc.

Help points with extra high availability
Fast, reliable connections to the campus security control desk for instant help when and where it‘s needed.

Handicapped support
Call points with enhanced usability and intuitive control; use of supportive innovative technologies, e.g. induction loop amplifiers for wireless transmission of calls and PA announcements directly to hearing aids.

Access control and staff/student parking

ComACCESS system extension
Enables fully integrated access control and rights management for controlled admission to staff and student car parks and door access on the university premises; centralised monitoring and control of multiple buildings; external parking management systems can be integrated via open programmable interfaces.

Centralised management of multiple buildings and facilities

Comprehensive facility management integration
Extended integrated facility/building management with links to various on-campus facilities and equipment (security gates, lighting, signage, CCTV, lifts, alarms, public address system, etc.).