Speech and Audio Quality

HD Audio Quality

Providing connections for the transmission of audio/speech signals is still a core function of any Intercom station, even as the functionalities grow with the addition of advanced features such as live video imaging, building management or access control.

Obviously, a clear, uninterrupted high-quality speech signal is absolutely essential in modern intercoms, which are frequently relied on in situations where literally every word counts (see section Challenging Situations).

Intercoms such as Commend’s Intercom 2.0 range therefore offer much higher audio/speech quality and reliability compared to applications such as mobile or Internet telephony.

Discover Intercom 2.0

From Analogue to Digital

In Intercom systems, the audio signals can be transferred either via analogue (4-wire) or digital (2-wire, IP) connections. Commend Intercoms support both types of connections to suit any given infrastructure. Digital connections have the added benefit of opening up the world of Intercom 2.0 – with features that include web portability, real-time signal processing, digital and wireless networking, etc.