IoIP® – Intercom over IP

Security, high voice quality, additional control and display features, real-time protocol, reliable protocol – proven for more than 5 years, wide variety of existing Intercom terminals for all kinds of environments, markets and requirements.

Networking via IP

Often, various site locations, need to be linked together. Commend has developed networking solutions for IP, ISDN, E1 and HDSL platforms. Networking Intercom Servers allows the local Intercom ­system to act as one large system across different sites. All specified functions are available across the entire Intercom network and programming is conducted ­centrally from a single location.

IP station

IP Stations

IP-Intercom stations can be directly connected to the IP network. With the Commend IP-converter also every analogue or digital Intercom terminal can be IP enabled. Allowing the perfect solution on-site for every type of application. As most intercoms are equipped with local inputs and outputs, it is possible to create reporting and control functions alongside voice connections via the IP Network.


Data networks allow ­transmission of manifold data. VoIP (Voice over IP) is the transmission of speech using Internet Protocol (IP), particularly in telephony. 

Intercom in the VoIP World

Flexible VoIP interface providing SIP/IAX ­connectivity – to integrate standard SIP phones into the Intercom system or SIP trunks to 3rd party VoIP servers.


Today’s standard for VoIP – Internet telephony, based on Internet protocols similar to http – web based.

  • Mobility of phones (soft / hard phones)
  • Easy interfacing
  • Provides multimedia aspects (audio, data, video) in one platform

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