Commend’s SIP/IAX Interface

One of today’s mayor topics is the integration of various systems. Just like a decade ago standard telephones were to be integrated in professional Intercom solutions, today VoIP telephony systems need a gateway to Intercom systems.

The idea is to use VoIP telephones or even a VoIP telephone exchange as an extension for Intercom systems. Telephones can even be used as sub- or master stations. The key to connect our Intercom Servers to a VoIP server is Commend’s new SIP/IAX networking cards. The use of standard SIP/IAX protocol makes it easy to connect virtually any third party VoIP server and VoIP telephone to the Commend Intercom system.


Today’s standard for VoIP – Internet telephony, based on Internet protocols similar to http – web based.

  • Mobility of phones (soft / hard phones)
  • Easy interfacing
  • Provides multimedia aspects (audio, data, video) in one platform